∆ĮToday, we will visit a beautiful city on a journey of incredible neon signs and find your favorite custom neon signs Seattle.¬†Seattle¬†is a vibrant and exciting city with abundant attractions and activities, from exploring the city's impressive skyline to enjoying the views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The city also offers a thriving arts and culture scene, with world-renowned museums, theaters, music venues, and more. Seattle is also home to Starbucks coffee, and a wide variety of famous restaurants to choose from.

Seattle, Washington - The City Light

Seattle is well known all over the world with the name City Light. Because Seattle City Light is the largest publicly owned hydroelectric system in the country. It is responsible for providing over 40 percent of Seattle's electric power. In addition to its hydroelectric system, City Light also has a number of other renewable energy sources, including wind, solar and geothermal energy, as well as a variety of energy-efficiency programs. It contributes to the rapid development of this city. That is the main reason why we choose Seattle as the representative office to provide lighting neon electric signs throughout the US and many other countries. 

Famous Neon Signs in Seattle

Pike Place Market Neon Sign

Pike Place Market, located in Seattle, is one of the longest-running farmer's markets in the United States, and a great place to visit on a weekday morning. You can get a taste of Seattle culture through its food, drink, and other attractions. One of the most popular activities is the famous fish toss, where visitors can watch local vendors throw fish across the market in a traditional manner. This market has a range of glowing neon signs throughout the huge market.

In the entrance area, a large public market center signature has been an iconic symbol that draws the attention of all visitors to the market. The red color with the brightness of neon light has made the sign more outstanding than ever. It likes a warm welcome and invitation to all visitors. 

Public Market Center Neon Sign Pike Place Market

Besides, a direction sign Lower Floor led sign can lead you to more great shopping in the Pike Place Market, WA. Or a fresh fish led neon is a great way to attract all eyes to the fish store. With vibrant colors and interesting design, this sign can make a strong impression on anyone even for the first time. 

Elephant Car Wash Signage

The elephant super car wash neon sign is one of the most famous spots in Seattle becoming a historical landmark. It stood in downtown Seattle for more than 60 years. Even in 2022, The City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted to approve the nomination application to consider the Pink Elephant Car Wash sign as an official landmark.

Elephant Car Wash Neon Sign Seattle

Coffee Cup Neon Light

Seattle is famous for being the coffee capital of the world. It is the home of the world's first Starbucks and the second-largest coffee retailer in WA, Tully's Coffee, headquartered in the city. You must be surprised that there are 200 Starbucks coffee shops. That is the reason why coffee neon signs have been used commonly to decorate the shop and advertise effectively. There is a huge neon coffee cup sign at pike place market. It has bright red color in the shape of a hot coffee cup that makes any coffeeholic fall in love. 

Coffee Cup Neon Sign Public Market Seattle

Custom Neon Signs Seattle, WA

With the hustle and bustle of life, many shop owners use neon lights to attract attention to their stores and promote their brands, products, and services. In addition to shopping, the city is filled with many recreational activities such as parks, museums, and more. There are also many restaurants, bars, and nightlife options that cater to different tastes and preferences. 

At PageNeon we offer custom neon signs for business, home, and event. Our signs are designed with sharp lines and vibrant colors and are sure to catch all eyes of pedestrians, tourists, and shoppers in busy areas such as Pike Street, South King Street, First Avenue, Alki Avenue, and Pine Street. We have designed several neon sign logos for retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and more in Seattle and throughout Washington. Nothing attracts greater attention than a neon display, whether your business name or a product written out in magic light. Our vintage led signs are perfect for giving your brand a unique and appealing appearance and will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

But First Coffee Custom Neon Signs Seattle

Coffee Neon Signs Custom Seattle

Get Your Custom Neon Sign at PageNeon

If you're running a business, PageNeon can help you add the logo, brand name, or quote to a bright sign neon. We offer a design tool that lets you create your own light sign with a wide range of font, color, size, and backboard options. We have designed Led neon business signs for many Seattle companies, restaurants, and cafes that help them stand out from neighboring competitors and attract more customers.

We commit to offering LED neon lights in Seattle with custom-made designs and high-quality build. Our neon lights are designed with high-quality materials and will last for years to come. Our LED neon lights will make your business or home stand out among your neighborhood in Seattle downtown shopping districts and malls. 

If you’re looking for a wholesale or a good neon sign seller in Seattle or anywhere throughout the United State, PageNeon will be an ideal partner. We are the most affordable Seattle custom neon signs supplier. When cooperating with us, you will work with skilled designers and craftsmen to light up your wishes for each project. Get a chance to contribute the Settele’s beauty with bright led neon now!

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