Have you ever heard about the magic of custom neon signs Las Vegas? If not, then Las Vegas will be the ideal destination for your upcoming trip. Coming to this city, you will be overwhelmed by the brilliant shimmer of neon lights. The Las Vegas Strip is world-renowned for its vibrant nightlife, thrilling attractions, and luxurious resorts. Here is dubbed as the city of light with magical and gorgeous glows. Whether you seek iconic shows, incredible restaurants, or unforgettable nightlife, Las Vegas is the place for you. Today, we will explore the beauty of neon sign world and find the favorite led sign for your space in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas - The City of Neon Lights

In 1898, neon was discovered by William Ramsay and Morris W - British scientists. After the discovery, neon tubes were used for both scientific instruments and novelties. It wasn't until 1902 that Georges Claude began to produce industrial quantities of neon and realized its potential for advertising. In 1912, the first neon sign was installed outside a barbershop in Paris as a new advertising method to attract the attention of customers. 

In the United States, The first led neon was installed outside Los Angeles’s first Packard dealership in 1923. These signs were really a revolution for the led light industry. Even it also causes traffic jams when drivers stopped and marveled at the glowing lights. 

Neon lights became widely popular in the 1920s when Las Vegas was still a small desert town. However, in 1931 the construction of the Hoover Dam on Colorado river paved the way for Las Vegas to become the city of neon light. Taking advantage of the interest that bright neon signs had generated, Las Vegas saw them as an effective way to draw tourists to the city. Many businesses, casinos, restaurants, and storefronts began illuminating their appearance with signs led. The sheer number of neon made this city more outstanding than the rest of the USA at the same time. The stunning neon made Las Vegas deep into the magical light, turning night into day. 

The 1960s were considered the heyday of neon signs in Vegas, Nevada. They served as excellent advertising tools and brighten up the long streets day and night. Up to now, many businesses and stores choose illuminated led signs to decorate their shop space. Vegas continues to push the limits of design and technology. It is truly an innovation hub where big dreams are turned into reality light in order to attract and impress customers. 

Famous Neon Signs in LasVegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Neon Sign

Firstly, we can’t miss the famous 25-foot tall Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign located in the median at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It was designed by an employee of Western Neon - Betty Willis in 1959. Gradually, this sign has become the must-check in place when visiting Vegas city. 

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Neon Sign

Vegas Vic 

Vegas Vic is a 90-foot-tall led neon of a cowboy located in front of the Pioneer Club and is one of the most famous signs on Fremont Street. It features a moveable arm and a speaker that welcomes passersby with a friendly “Howdy Podner!” The Pioneer Club no longer operates as a casino, but the sign can still be found at 25 E Fremont Street, where it has been located since 1951.

Vegas Vickie

Vickie has been a part of the Las Vegas skyline since 1980, located directly across the street from Vegas Vic. In 1994, Vickie and Vegas Vic were “married” to celebrate the opening of the Fremont Street Experience. In 2017, Vickie retired and has a new home at Circa Resort & Casino, where she will reside in the hotel lobby and greet guests with her dazzling smile.

Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie Sign

Turn Your Home Into Neon Museum With Custom Led Sign

In Vegas, Nevada, people are usually impressed by the Neon Museum, a non-profit museum dedicated to preserving the city's most iconic art form - the neon sign. The museum showcases over 200 signs from famous Las Vegas landmarks such as the Stardust, the Sahara, and the Golden Nugget. It also features interactive displays, educational tours, and a unique collection of vintage neon signs from across the United States. Visitors can explore the museum's outdoor gallery and experience a unique blend of art, history, and culture. It will be one of the most memorable experiences if you have a chance to visit this light city. 

PageNeon specializes in creating signs custom neon to light up your wishes with true art value and high quality. We offer glowing neon sign customized that will bring personality to your space. Therefore, you can totally turn your home into a mini neon museum to get some vintage neon Las Vegas vibes, say hi to Vagas Vic and Vickie, or create some history of your own. Whether you want to recreate a classic led neon like cowboy style, create something completely new, or just bring a little Vegas vibe to your home décor.

Custom Neon Signs Las Vegas Business

If you're running any kind of business in this city light, you can't miss awesome custom neon sign. In a space fulling of led light,  your business must stand out with your own style and personality. PageNeon can help you add the logo, brand name, or quote to a bright sign neon. We offer a design tool that lets you create your own light sign with a wide range of font, color, size, and backboard options. It's always the top choice that many companies, restaurants, and hotels choose to stand out from neighboring competitors and attract more customers. Moreover, it can also be an effective advertising tool when you enter trade shows.

Get Your Own Custom Neon Sign at PageNeon

At PageNeon, we not only make personalized neon sign but also show our customers the true value with high-quality products. Our LED neon signs are the perfect addition to any business or home’s décor. With a variety of colors, styles, and sizes available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect neon sign that fits your interest perfectly. Whether you’re looking for something to light up your store window or something to make your home look cool and trendy, our LED neon is the top choice!

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