Page Neon offers a selection of Outdoor Signs equipped with waterproof technology. These signs are available in the same vibrant colors as our indoor signs, making them perfect for outdoor use. Our exterior signs are specifically crafted to deliver the brilliant neon glow while providing enhanced protection against the weather. Whether you need a neon sign for the exterior of a commercial building, your garden, a wedding, a food truck, or any other outdoor space, you can create one using our neon sign generator (select the outdoor signage option) or contact us through the form below.

We have created outdoor neon signs for large corporations, small businesses, event planners, and a diverse range of residential customers. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure your new outdoor neon sign meets your exact specifications.

Whatever your requirements, you can benefit from our free design service! Fill out the form below with your needs, and our designers will provide you with a neon sign mockup and a price quote.